The wild beauty of Croatia is the stuff of fairytales. The steep karst peaks and cliffs of the Velebit Mountains are breathtaking to behold. Their wonder is matched only by the stunning Dalmatian Coast, with its turquoise blue sea and islands dotting its rugged shores. It boasts of waterfall sanctuaries and fields of wildflowers aglow in pastel sunsets. Its architecture spans from simple huts in the idyllic countryside to castles and cathedrals in seaside villages and walled medieval cities that rival the best in Europe. It is a land that lends itself to slowing down; a land where synchronicities are endless and the magic bountiful.   

We are inspired by the fortitude and fearlessness of this culture, and the incredible beauty that has arisen from its transformation. On our adventure together in Croatia we will explore our personal transformations. As we celebrate the colorful chapters and challenges of our lives we will honor the wisdom, beauty, and gifts that have risen from them.

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Days 1 to 3

Photo Courtesy of Wikipedia

Photo Courtesy of Wikipedia

We Arrive into Zagreb International Airport and greet our fellow goddesses. Together we travel high into the majestic Velebit mountains to our luxury ranch retreat. Home for our first three days, we explore the mountain trails by hiking or horseback, visit the stunning Plitvice Lakes National Park (link to AMAZING 2Cellos video of the park), soak in the wooden hot tub, and dine on their famed local organic Mediterranean fusion cuisine. This nature retreat provides relaxation and rejuvenation as we pamper ourselves, explore our internal landscape, and connect with our creativity. Our host, Bruce, is very excited to meet new American friends and share the magic of his land.

Days 4 to 5


Next, our journey leads us to a hidden gem of the Dalmatian Coast, Trogir. Famed for its seaside boardwalk, ancient castle ruins, and winding cobblestone streets, its outdoor markets display colorful local olive oils and artisan crafts. A plethora of boardwalk restaurants serve melt-in-your-mouth ocean delicacies as the sun sets over the harbor. Here we explore our personal alchemy and the wisdom that its gifted us.

Days 5 to 7


We travel by water to the stunning island of Korcula. First settled by the Greeks, the island is rich in vineyards and olive groves, while medieval towers and walls frame its harbor. The townspeople of the island still revel in the age-old traditions of folk music and dance and delight in performing for their visitors. This very special place is sure to capture our hearts.

Days 7 to 9


Our next destination is the medieval walled city of Dubrovnik. It's ancient stone walls hold the stories of love and loss, destruction and rebirth. This city, unlike any other place in the world, reveals its heart and soul as it divines its elegant beauty and timeless wisdom upon us. Our final days will be filled with sunning by the ocean and basking in the sea, strolling atop the great wall surrounding the city, and soaking in the colors of sunset. Here we claim the gifts of our gifts and wisdom and celebrate our own personal alchemy. Together we shine our unique gifts onto the world!



- per person, based on double occupancy, airfare not included

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