The Magic of Croatia

We are excited to announce that we are returning to captivating Croatia for a 2019 summer goddess adventure! We have been blessed to create an experience filled with beautiful landscapes and magical gems of people that transport you to another time and place. We wanted to take a few minutes and share with you why we have fallen in love with this incredible country.

The wild beauty of Croatia is the stuff of fairytales. The steep karst peaks and cliffs of the Velebit Mountains are breathtaking to behold. Their wonder is matched only by the stunning Dalmatian Coast, with its turquoise blue sea and islands dotting its rugged shores. Waterfall sanctuaries and fields of wildflowers aglow in pastel sunsets are windows into the sacredness of this land.  Vineyards line the coast, while the mountains are filled with rich green fairy forests. Its architecture spans from simple huts in the idyllic countryside to castles and cathedrals in seaside villages and the walled medieval city of Dubrovnik, a unique place of elegance and charm. It is a land that lends itself to slowing down; a land where synchronicities are endless and the magic bountiful.

One of the experiences we cherish most is our time at a Western retreat in the Velebit mountains. Bruce and Maggi, our hosts, fill us with late night tales around the campfire of life growing up in the former Yugoslavia. Their resilience, strength, and grace are captivating. You can feel the magic from the wholehearted way they now live. They teach us about the healing properties of the plants on the land, then after a day of hiking, horseback riding, or a soak in the pool Maggi serves up five course dinners lovingly created with the herbs and berries they foraged that day. Lini, the mountain shepherd dog, watches over us daily and accompanies us wherever we go! Three days with them feels like a month, and by the end we never want to leave!

We are inspired by the fortitude and fearlessness of this culture, and the incredible beauty that has arisen from its transformation. On our adventure together in Croatia we will explore our personal transformations. As we celebrate the colorful chapters and challenges of our lives we will honor the wisdom, beauty, and gifts that have risen from them. Our hearts are filled with excitement for this very special adventure and we would be honored to share it with you!