Coaching Services

Often when we return home after a transformative adventure abroad, within a few weeks our powerful experience suddenly seems like a dream.

Allow us to support you in fanning that spark and feeding the inspiration you've gained from your adventure by transforming it into your next dream. Through our ongoing coaching services we guide you in unraveling limiting beliefs, fears, and hectic schedules that block you from stepping into your most passionate and meaningful life.  

At times coaching services can be helpful prior to a trip or in preparation for a trip that may be in the distant future.  Whatever your timeline, it would be our pleasure to support you in taking steps toward creating a life that has heart and meaning for you. 

At Alchemy Adventures we believe that we are all meant to live life as fully and authentically as we can possibly imagine. Our gentle, honest, and playful approach will support you step by step in transforming the wisdom you have gained from your adventure into clarity about your ideal life. Let us guide you in manifesting your inspirations and dreams into your reality: your own personal alchemy.

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