I am very happy to have you explore what we have to offer: the culmination of years of our travels and passion woven together into meaningful, awe-inspiring, healing adventures.  

I want to share with you my story of what created the vision for our company.

As a girl, I remember I was always beside myself with excitement for our occasional family vacation to the ocean. The experience of a new place created a whole different feeling inside of me. Everyday something was new: the people we met, the sights we explored, the sounds of the ocean. These unexpected daily adventures felt like a giant scavenger hunt, not knowing what would happen but loving the feeling of the unknown. I trusted that each day would be unforgettable.

Decades later I embarked on my first journey to Europe. The magic of a tiny Italian town on the beaches of the Mediterranean left me forever transformed. The smells and sounds of the ocean, the taste of fresh pasta, the sight of ancient ruins, and new friends from other countries expanded my awareness of the world to such colorful and exuberant heights that it manifested itself in nightly moonlit fireworks and changed the course of my future. The aliveness that I again felt led to a passionate curiosity that blossomed in my soul. I sought to explore each new country and culture. I desired desperately to understand what it was like to be in the shoes of the people I encountered. My fascination grew. I plotted every moment of vacation time that I could muster into the next international adventure. 

But then came the many pieces I had not expected. There were times that a certain village shot an arrow profoundly deep into my heart and I became overwhelmed with an emotion that I could neither put into words nor had the slightest explanation for. Other times I felt an uncanny familiarity with a place I had never been before. I found myself piecing together slivers of stories of a tsunami-struck Asian island that was broken-hearted and still finding its path to healing. I would get lost on my way to a destination and witness a scene that mirrored the answers to the soul-searching questions I had been asking myself that day. 

I could never predict when these synchronicities would align themselves, but when they did they would captivate me until I could grasp some understanding of them. Not a logical sort of comprehension, as that piece rarely came, but a visceral comprehension wherein my soul felt a new level of completeness. A completeness that I hadn’t known was lacking until that very moment. These experiences have held up mirrors for me to see parts of myself, uniquely timed as metaphors for whatever was happening in my life. 

The wisdom and clarity I found were gifts to me. Through discovering them it led to personal healing from the challenges and trials with which I was struggling. Without words these gifts have filled voids that have left me forever transformed. They have taught me ways of being in the world that allowed spontaneity and passion to trump anxiety and planning so that I could be in the flow of what the day has to bring.  

These experiences and others like them have served as my inspiration to guide others through a true cultural and energetic experience. My goal is not to just help you to understand the culture, the values, and the different ways of being in the world, but the story that each land has to tell. My hope is to guide you through the wonder of the unexpected, the soul-stirring AH-HA!, and the metaphors of the moment. I will support you in channeling the inspiration and clarity you gain from your adventure into your dreams for your life and a joyful way of being in the world.  So whether you're on an exotic beach far away, exploring a wonder of the world, or sitting under a shade tree in your yard you’ll be able to cherish the beauty and magic of the moment.

I like to think of these life-changing experiences as alchemy and I look forward to sharing it with you!