Our Mission: Transformation through Travel

At Alchemy Adventures our mission is to provide you with a magical and transformative adventure. We strive to create an international travel experience that inspires a new way of seeing the world, its cultures, and ourselves. We teach you to travel not as tourists, but as students of the world. Our goal is to help each adventurer understand the uniqueness of cultures and their values, and the stories that each land has to tell.

Travel has the power to internally and forever transform us. When the world opens our eyes to new perspectives and our hearts to new experiences so expands our vision of what is possible in our own lives. Throughout our trips we facilitate creative and meaningful individual and group experiences that support reflection and self-exploration.

During and after the trip we help you integrate into your daily life the wisdom and meaning from your adventure. Whether you gain awareness and clarity about what is most meaningful to you or you are inspired to dive headfirst into your hopes and dreams, we can be there to support you! With options for ongoing connection with your travel group or follow-up coaching, we guide you step-by-step in transforming the wisdom you have gained from your adventure into creating your ideal life. Thus your adventure becomes the catalyst for your own personal alchemy.

We like to call this magic. And we look forward to sharing it with you!


al·che·my :noun \ˈal-kə-mē\

  1. a seemingly magical process of transformation or creation
  2. the process of taking something ordinary and turning it into something extraordinary
  3. a medieval forerunner of chemistry, attempting to convert base metals into gold and to find a universal elixir of life

In ages past, philosophers and scientists around the world traveled far and wide seeking the secrets of transformation. Throughout their travels they would read extensively, discover unknown cultures, and explore deep within their souls. These theorists and mystics, from India to Egypt, were working simultaneously to distill the knowledge they had gained into its purest form. Their ultimate goal was to transform lead into gold and find the elixir of life.

At Alchemy Adventures we believe a transformational travel experience is more valuable than gold. Our adventures transform the way you see yourself and the world. This alchemy provides inspiration for creating a life beyond your wildest dreams! 

Our Philosophy

Our process is based on three key principles:

Where will the road take you?

Where will the road take you?

Adventure Travel

Any true adventure provides the unexpected: unique tastes and smells, a detour from the map that leads us to our favorite destination, an intimate familiarity with a place we’ve never been. Adventure can also push our emotional or physical limits beyond what we thought possible. We believe in the power of synchronicity: that these unexpected experiences, unfamiliar cultures, and new-found strengths reflect powerful new facets of ourselves that are clues to creating our ideal life.

We are all connected.

We are all connected.

global citizenship

At Alchemy Adventures we believe that in order to change the world we must change our perspective. We travel not as tourists but as students of the world. Through cultural immersion we expand our awareness of the many ways of life, and we discover that surface differences are often pathways to deeper similarities. In turn we learn how to promote compassion, understanding, and connectedness in our world.

Travel gives us many opportunities for reflection

Travel gives us many opportunities for reflection


Navigating unfamiliar destinations often requires navigating new parts of ourselves that can become powerful in our journey through life. During our trips we facilitate creative and meaningful individual and group experiences that support reflection and self-exploration. As inspiration is sparked we support you in integrating new-found passion and clarity into an expanded vision of all that is possible in your life.