Tuscany Dreams

Tuscany Dreams was a life transformative experience, one that I knew I was ready for, but didn’t quite know how powerful it would be. I am forever grateful for living and breathing Italy with an amazing group of women. Every single moment of this trip enlightened and enriched my soul forever! Thank you for making my Tuscan experience an unforgettable memory.
— Shelley, 2017

Tuscany Dreams was born from our fascination with one of the most special places in the world. That fascination has transformed into a deep connection and calling to the magical Tuscan way of life. This experience has become very sacred to us and we are grateful for the opportunity to share it with special women so you can experience the magic too!

What has become our most cherished part of the Tuscan experience are the deep friendships we have formed with the locals we have met along the way. What started as working relationships have turned into a family that we are blessed to return to each year. Now we are excited to introduce these wonderful friends to you!  

Saverio the Innkeeper is always the first to welcome us, updating us of his family and 18 year old cat, Principe, the town hero. Giulia indulges us with tastes of award-winning wines as she recounts the fall harvest. Gabriela welcomes us into her home with fresh squeezed lemonade and hugs. Daniela and Manola teach us new family recipes while we cook fireside with them in their Tuscan home. Giulio and Chiara greet us with kisses and the best steak Florentine in the world!

During our nine days in Tuscany we will be walking through vineyards and olive groves and over rolling hills. In the afternoons we explore the cobblestone streets of the medieval hilltowns, indulge in authentic Tuscan cuisine and wine, and give ourselves permission to take off all the hats that we wear in order to nurture ourselves and see what creativity and inspiration may come. As we lose ourselves in this world of turned back time, we find the parts of ourselves that are ready to come alive! Our hearts are filled with excitement for this very special adventure and we would be honored to share it with you!